Welcome to my personal Portfolio.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination". Jimmy Dean

About J. Steve

A computer engineer, with interest & expertise in Data Science: Data mining and processing - ETL and analysis, Data modelling using statistical approaches - either machine learning or time series algorithms, data visualisation - programming or tools, databases - RDBMS / NoSQL and Tech Support Engineering: Networking, Virtualisation, Systems integration: Monitoring and application deployment, troubleshooting: workstation / networking…

After spending quite some time in Asia and Europe for his education and work, he is currently located in Australia. He holds a master’s degree in computing and Technology, and some years of experience in both Information Technology and Education industries - Advanced level of Technical Support engineering in Linux, Windows, and Macintosh environments (heterogeneous) and Business big data analysis, processing, modelling and visualisation. Tutoring computer related courses at Tertiary level. His research interest focuses, but not limited on Big Data Mining and Modelling.

Apart from work and research, he enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, swimming, hiking and meet-ups (for both career-wise and socialisation). Or any other interesting activities. Cheers!


  Jean Steve Hirwa
  +61 4 3264 0045
  steve [at] hirwa(dot)org